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Bangkok Videos

Bangkok VideosBangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is regularly voted the number one "place to see" by several travel and tourist websites and agencies.

Bangkok Videos website brings you all the latest videos from Bangkok and Thailand. Most of the videos are from youtube? or Google? and all are embedded with the permission of the publishers.

The majority of the videos concentrate on Bangkok's vibrant night life and entertainment industry but we have several sections covering other areas of interest.

This website concentrates on the five main entertainment "zones", Patpong, Nana Plaza (NEP), Soi Cowboy, Ratchadapisek and Royal City Avenue (RCA).

The first three are predominantly areas aimed at the tourist and expatriate market while Ratchadapisek and RCA are area predominantly used by local Thais.

Bangkok is a huge city of around 11 million people. It can be a little overwhelming for first timers but once you know it, you will love it. It is one of the most exciting cities in Asia. Well known for having a 24 hour traffic jam, things are improving with many new expressways and an overhead Skytrain system. Bangkok is called Krungthep by the Thais, which is short for the real name which can be translated into English as follows; "A great city of angels, the supreme repository of divine jewels, the great land unconquerable, the grand and prominent realm, the royal and delightful capital city full of nine noble gems, the highest royal dwelling and grand palace, the divine shelter and living place of the reincarnated spirits.” Usually shortened to simply "City of Angels".

Although we concentrate on the night life, we also cover several other genres such as shopping, the sky train and music.

For more information and videos please visit the Bangkok Forum and Bangkok Girls

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