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RCA Bangkok

Royal City Avenue (or RCA as it is commonly known) is one of the largest entertainment areas in Bangkok, indeed far larger than the better know Nana and Soi Cowboy zones. However as far as visitors and tourists are concerned it is probably the least known. RCA is a long road full of various types of bar and clubs. It is very much a Thai scene, hence why it is little known to tourists. The clientelle are predominantly young, middle class Thais, mainly university students.

What is good about RCA is the sheer range of places to eat and drink and the variety of themes in the clubs and restaurants. As it caters mainly for the youth element it is not overproced. RCA is a complete block of bars and clubs with the flashiest lights and the hippest music. It is also home to Bangkok's two largest lesbian venues, Zeta and e-Fun.

The new MRT connections have made RCA more accessible and as a result is now starting to be discovered by tourists, especially younger travellers and backpackers who would historically be found on Khao San Road.

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News Years Eve at RCA

Songkran Royal City Avenue

Zeta Lesbian Club

RCA Bangkok

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